Casual Photophile

I'd like to think of myself as an intelligent, insightful source for all things photographic, especially when it comes to classic manual-focus film cameras. I'd like to think that, so please don't disturb my fantasies. In the mean time, if you really are into that intelligent, insightful stuff, I recommend you visit James Tocchio's Casual Photophile. He's primarily responsible for my acquisition of a Minolta CLE (sorry, I didn't buy it from your on-line store, F Stop Cameras, but you did sell me an MD Rokkor-X 45mm that is perfect for my Minolta XG-M - which means I have to agonize over which camera gets the next roll of Tri-X - damn you James Tocchio!). He does this very cool live-stream take apart a camera piece by piece by piece, but I can't seem to keep track of the schedule (is there a schedule?). Recent articles have included one on the Voightlander Bessa R and another on the Minolta XD (or XD11 in the United States) (as Mike Krukow would say, "IwannagetthatIwannagetthatIwannagetthat!"). James and his stable of writers understand the joys of shooting manual, shooting film, and shooting classic. Check them out.

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