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My photograph from a year ago of the old Kodak advertising poster next to the Inter 66 enlarger at Triple S Camera in Ukiah has become one of my all-time favorites. Chris Pugh once said that my photos, at least some of them, were like still lifes (I had never thought of them that way). With my rediscovery of 35mm Tri-X and the cool-factor of shooting the Minolta CLE, this project practically begged to be done. Store window displays!  I'm thinking these will be individual 11x14 prints, not a typology like Circles, for the Ukiah Photography Club show in September. Right now I have three from last year and three current, plus another roll of film that is still in camera. And my real ace in the hole is a negative from 1967 that I stumbled over recently and will attempt to print soon. This is fun!  

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