Here's my Rollei story. My wife was a nurse in a medical office.  Although I'm sure she treated all the patients with kindness and professionalism, one gentleman in his 90's was her favorite. He always had stories of his adventures, first as a member of the Dutch resistance during World War II, then as a professional photographer, across many continents and decades. He often invited her to drop by his home and to bring her husband (me) whom he knew was interested in photography. She finally took him up on his offer. We arrived on a Saturday morning and he was a gracious host. At some point he pulled out his Rolleicord III, which he said was his personal camera (he used a Leica for work). He handed it to me and explained the buttons and knobs and answered all of my questions. When I tried to give it back he said "no, you keep it". I told him I couldn't possibly do that - we had just met. He insisted and I ended up leaving with the camera. He was an avid sailor (still, at that age) so the only way I could think of to repay him was to make a nautical  photograph with his camera  and then present it to him. That's the only roll I've put through the Rollei, but whenever I notice it on the shelf it reminds me of a life well-lived (he's no longer with us) and I think I need to shoot it again (dim viewfinder and all). I know the 'flex has more prestige than the 'cord, but I wouldn't make that trade.

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