In response to Shooting a Forty Year Old Roll of Kodak Plus-X Film from Casual Photophile:


I'm holding a roll of Plus-X in its original unopened box, dated Oct. 1953. Unopened until . . . now! I had to find out if it was in one of those cool yellow cans . . . it is! But what's this? The cap is light brown.  And the film canister is dark brown with yellow lettering. Nowhere on or in the box or on the canister is there any indication of film speed (it would have been ASA back then) other than to note that it is "fast". The canister looks more robust than current models. If I shot this (it probably should go in the Argus C3 that I've never used) I would guess at some combination of increased exposure and increased development. For now, though, it will go back on the shelf, definitely next to the C3.


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