2022 Calendar

For the second year in a row the pandemic has prevented me from presenting a new set of twelve photographs with a common theme. Hence, we have four unchanged, four changed, two found, and two new, with an obvious theme. Unchanged means I’ve used it before and it still works, changed means cropped or tinted differently, found means I took the shot some time ago but never used it until now, and new means new. They’re not in that order, but if you’ve been paying any attention to my calendars over the years you should be able to figure it out. Here’s hoping for twelve stunningly original photographs for 2023.


January - Ukiah, CA

February - Ashland, OR

March - Fort Bragg, CA

April - Copenhagen, Denmark

May - Ketchikan, AK

June - Masaya, Nicaragua

July - Boulder, CO

August - Ketchikan, AK

September - Ukiah, CA

October - McCloud, CA

November - Dubrovnik, Croatia

December - Glen Ellen, CA

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