Extraordinary Women

Extraordinary Women with Cameras: 35 Photographers Who Changed How We See the World, by Darcy Reed (2022).  

I picked this up because it looked like a good recommendation for members of the Ukiah Photography Club who have granddaughters.  It’s definitely a children’s book, maybe 3rd-4th grade reading level.  It has the obvious candidates - Dorothea Lange, Vivian Maier, Annie Leibovitz - but also others I’ve never heard of - Coreen Simpson? Rinko Kawauchi?  Especially intriguing are the illustrations by Vanessa Perez - caricatures that emphasize Lange’s Graflex, Maier’s Rollei, and Leibovitz’s long blond (once) hair.  I’ll run these by the Club members on Saturday and see if they can identify them.    


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