I’ve been shooting film since the eighth grade, developing and printing since high school, and pursuing landscape and architectural photography for most of my adult life.  My go-to cameras these days are several Fuji medium format rangefinders, loaded with Kodak T-Max 100 or Ektar 100.  I also like the challenge of crafting a pristine 4x5 negative, usually on T-Max 100, with a Sinar F1 or a Wanderlust Travelwide.  Sometimes I go back to my roots with any number of 35mm classics, my current favorites being a Nikon F and a Minolta CLE, with Kodak Tri-X or Portra 400.  When convenience or airport security dictate digital, I bring along a Fuji X100F and a Fuji X-Pro2.  Color film is scanned into digital files that lead me to the computer, but black and white film takes me into my darkroom, where a day watching 16x20 prints emerge in their Dektol bath is certainly a preview of Heaven (unless it, too, has gone digital). 

The four types of cameras that I use are represented here.  I'm standing next to one of my 4x5's; the staircase photo is medium format; the pier is 35mm; and the portrait itself is digital.